Hi! My name is Ryan, I’m a

Research Assistant, Digital Kormantin

University of Rochester, History Department

I used Unity 3D and C# to develop an educational game for students, enabling them to explore a historical site in Ghana and visualize information in various formats

Teaching Assistant, Data Structures and Algorithms

University of Rochester, Computer Science Department

I supervised 40 Computer Science students, meeting with them twice a week, and designed/distributed a Java auto grader utilizing custom test-cases

Surf N' Turf

DMST 120, Video Game Design

My team and I used Game Maker Studio 2 to develop full-fledged game, wrote scripts in GML, met twice a week, and worked as a group to overcome development obstacles

Program Confinement

CSC 242, Computer Organization

A C program with the primary objective of optimizing resource usage by limiting the power consumption, and time of a specific software application

Planet Guinea Pig

DandyHacks 2022

In 36 hours, our team created a guinea pig city-building game in Processing, totaling over 1000 lines of code, winning the prize for second-best video game

Street Mapping

CSC 172, Data Structures and Algorithms

Implemented Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm in Java, creating an interactive map with selectable destinations in a Java Swing Graphics-based GUI


DandyHacks 2021

Our team created a portable search engine in just 2 days using Python, with a GUI built in Tkinter and backend powered by BeautifulSoup4, winning the prize for Most Accessible